Door-to-door Assistance

Transports Accès will be offering door-to-door attendance to users, if the service is not available at their home/residence or at destination. You must mention your need for such services upon reservation, to enable us to take the measures necessary for the safety of all our service users.

Assistance Provided By Drivers

Upon his arrival, the driver will ring your doorbell. However, if you live in an apartment building, please wait in the lobby. If your point of departure is at a public location, the driver will call your name. If needed, the driver may offer assistance, such as lending an arm, or pushing a wheelchair.


The driver’s assistance will be restricted to the boarding and unboarding process. The driver will:

• escort from departure doorstep to vehicle and from vehicle to arrival doorstep.

• help boarding/unboarding the vehicle.

The driver is not authorized:

• to use elevators or stairs to escort a user from or to his floor; to carry persons or wheelchairs;

• to use door keys;

• to wait for users beyond pick-up time;

• to help user’s assistants or companions;

• to carry luggage, shopping bags, or other hand bags; to modify a reservation.



1-3 steps
More than 3 steps
Wheelchair-bound person Access ramp required at both departure and destination points Access ramp required at both departure and destination point
Ambulant person with or without mobility device With the driver’s help User must be able to board/unboard without help, or get help from a person other than the driver


Transports Accès is committed to offering the most punctual and reliable service possible. Due to the nature of door-to-door transportation, however, customers must be prepared to show certain flexibility.